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2009/2010 Club Championships

Entries are invited for the Riccarton Domain Tennis Club Championships. The club championships are open to the club’s senior members and the 11.30am coaching group. There is no cost to enter the event.

There are trophies to be won in five events, Ladies singles, Mens singles, Mixed doubles, Ladies doubles and Mens doubles. There is also a trophy for the most improved player. 

Partners for doubles matches will be drawn by ballot. The draw is unseeded and also drawn by ballot.

Games are one set, first to nine games and win by two. Finals are 3 sets of 6 games with tiebreakers. All matches are self-refereed. Please advise Don Goodale, the club captain, of the result of each match as soon as it is played.

The tournament is played progressively over the season. You will be sent the draw by email and it will also be posted on the clubroom walls. You will be advised of the time and date of your match, which will accommodate your availability. There is a deadline date for all games in each round to be completed by. If the time is unsuitable, it is up to you to contact your opponent and organise a more suitable time prior to the deadline of that round. Players may request an extension from the club captain. Failure to complete the match for whatever reason will result in the winner being decided by the toss of a coin.

All matches are to be played with new balls. These can be picked up from the club rooms on a Saturday or by contacting a member of the committee.

Entries close on the 14th of November 2009.

Entries can be made by filling out the online form below or by filling in the form on the notice board at the club rooms.